Certified to teach online:

Faculty Global Engagement Award, Georgia State University (2015)
Distinguished Honors Professor Award, Georgia State University (2000)
Outstanding Junior Faculty Award, Georgia State University (2000)

Undergraduate courses taught
Composition (112/1102)
Honors Composition (113/1103)
Regents Writing Course
Classics of Western Literature (201)
Survey of British Literature (2120)
Introduction to Literary Studies (2140/3040)
Tragedy (3280)
Women and Drama from Ancient times to the Present (3280)
Shakespeare/Shakespeare in the 17th & 18th Centuries (3280 A&B; team-taught)
Old Worlds, New Worlds and Racial and Cultural Encounters (3266)
British and American Drama, 1660-1840 (3266)
Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Drama (410)
Restoration and Early Eighteenth-Century Literature (443/3500)
The Age of Johnson (444)
Satire from Ancient Times (Topics) (4200E)
Early Modern Women’s Literature (3980)
Literary Dublin (onsite, Dublin Ireland) (4200)
Women and Drama from Ancient Times (3280)

Graduate Courses taught:
Literary Dublin (Spring Break Study Abroad; onsite, Dublin, Ireland) (8900)
Early Globalism: Self and Other (1660-1745). With Digital Media. (8420)
Literature in the Reign of Charles II (8460)
Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Drama (641/8440)
Restoration and Early Eighteenth-Century Literature (8420)
Teaching Early Modern Drama (TEEMS)
MA Pro-Seminar (8001)
Writing and Memory: Auto/Biography and Memoir (8900)
Theatre and Spectacle: London and the Provinces (Spring Break Study Abroad)
In the Footsteps of Boswell and Johnson: Literary Scotland (Spring Break Study Abroad)
Imperial London: Women, Empire, and Theatre (Spring Break Study Abroad)

PhD Dissertations Directed:
In progress:
Julie Fowkes, The plays and life of Charles Macklin
Shari Piotrowski Schwarz, (co-direct) Women’s Autobiographical Stories
Lelania Watkins, Female Playwrights and Transgression in 18th-Century drama.

Nancy Paxton-Wilson, “Literary Equivocation: Women Playwrights and the Early Modern ‘Closet’ (2018)
Richard Dolan, “Buttressing a Monarchy: Literary Portrayals of William III” (2005)

MA Theses Directed:
In progress:
Rachel Adornato, “Revealing the Gothic Narrative Tradition in Eudora Welty and Jane Austen: A Transatlantic Study of the Novel”
Jacob Fields, “‘Altogether a strange publication’: Reception Aesthetics, Metacriticism, and Lacy Caroline’s Glenarvon”

Lauren Marlatt, “Human Rights through Memoir: Political Exile and Emancipation in the Stories of Nabokov, Danticat, and Soyinka.” (2019)
Minki Kim, “Jane Eyre through the Lens of Post-Colonialism: The Heroine as a Colonizer or Colonized?” (2017)
Kirsten Marciniak, “The Three MerryWives of Windsor” (2016)
Lelania Ottobani, “The Selves of Olaudah Equiano” (2013)
Shana Latimer, “Women’s Holocaust Narratives” (2012)
Morgan Brown, “The Pleiadic Age of Stuart Poesie: Restoration Uranography, Dryden’s Judicial Astrology, and the Fate of Anne Killigrew” (2010)
Ellen Barski, “Wifely Duties: Lucy Hutchinson’s Memoirs of the Life of Colonel Hutchinson” (2004)
Mary Carter, “’The Grand Affair of Human Life’: Aphra Behn’s Critical Writings” (2001)
Dana Roberts, “Purification by Fire: Images of Fire in Dryden’s Annus Mirabilis” (2001)

Honors Thesis Directed:
Matthew Sansbury, “A Portrait of Oscar Wilde” (2012)
Cuong Le, “Imaginary borders and physical frontiers in ancient historiography from Herodotus to Sima Qian.” (2012)